Quitting Smoking: Herbal Cigarettes vs. Electronic Cigarettes, Which Works Best For Quitting Smoking?

Short answer:  Neither, unless your objective is to simply find a healthier alternative to smoking real cigarettes.

If your goal is to quit smoking though, then forget them both!

There is a lot of hype and absolute BS being propagated in the quit smoking industry by makers of both herbal cigarettes and electronic cigarettes (also known as ecigs).

Both the herbal cigarette and the electronic cigarette claim to help smokers gradually quit smoking. Both claims are patently false. While both stop smoking aids may indeed be healthier alternatives to smoking real cigarettes, both fail miserably at delivering their promised results of helping smokers kick their addiction.

I’ve previously written extensively on the subject of why nicotine replacement products don’t work, so this article will skip the lecture, you can click that link to read more on the subject.

Now, I have no problem with the makers of either product marketing to smokers as a means to continue their smoking habit in a healthier fashion. As long as that’s as far as they go, with the exception of the electronic cigarette, which can also lay claim to reducing a smoker’s cost by as much as 75%…herbal cigarettes require an additional expense on top of the smoker’s regular cigarette.

Before you rush out and buy electronic cigarettes or buy herbal cigarettes,


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you need to be very clear on what your ultimate goal is. If it’s to quit smoking, then forget it, neither product will help you achieve that end.

Save your money and spend it on something that really will help you quit smoking…Quit Smoking Right Now…GUARANTEED!

If on the other hand, you simply want to keep on enjoying your smokes but do so without the more than 4,000 toxic chemicals in your real cigarette, then by all means, the electronic cigarette may be exactly what you are looking for.

In that case I suggest you skip the herbal cigarette and go with smokeless electronic cigarettes, so you’ll at least make everyone else around you a bit more comfortable and healthy right along with you.

The herbal cigarette may reduce the amount of tar and nicotine you inhale, but it will have no effect upon second hand smoke that is destroying the health of everyone around you.

Due to the extra expense and the lack of healthy benefit to other non smokers, the clear loser in this battle is the herbal cigarette.

If you decide to smoke electronic cigarettes then you can >>buy electronic cigarettes here<< and save a bundle on your habit immediately.

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